We at Gylling Data Management (GDM) create, market, and support ARM software for managing and summarizing agriculture research experiments.

  • ARM saves time creating trials, analyzing data, and producing the many reports required for successful and timely trial management.

  • ARM is a recognized and respected standard throughout the crop production and protection industry.

  • ARM is used by thousands of researchers in 80 countries worldwide (more than any other integrated research trial management software).



Registration is now open for GDM ARM training at ASA/ESA and NAICC Annual Meetings

GDM is offering free training sessions prior to the ASA/CSSA/SSSA/ESA Annual Meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota
and the NAICC Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida.
  • Please see our Meeting Calendar for information about when and where these workshops are held.

These workshops are offered free-of-charge, but registration is requested as limited seating is available.

  • Click here to register for the ASA/CSSA/SSSA/ESA training session.
  • Click here to register for the NAICC training sessions.

Staying Current Newsletter

GDM has published Issue 3 of the Staying Current newsletter (pdf).
We will publish newletters every quarter with current topics and tips about GDM products. This issue features reporting tips and TDC winterization techniques.
Click here for a list of all previous issues of Staying Current.

Is ARM compatible with Windows 10?

Microsoft release date for Windows 10 is July 29, 2015. GDM is currently evaluating how ARM software will perform with Windows 10. The following are conclusions from initial GDM testing:         
New Computers:
  • When ordering a new computer, we do recommend a PC with Windows 10. We have tested ARM 2015 with Windows 10, and have not found any problems installing or using ARM. We are confident that ARM software is compatible with Windows 10, and will work quickly to resolve any unexpected issues that do arise.
Current Computers:
  • For Tablet Data Collectors (TDC), we recommend waiting until end of this research season before upgrading to Windows 10. This ensures no loss in functionality during the research season.
  • For your primary ARM computer, if you decide to upgrade to Windows 10, we also recommend waiting until end of this research season to install Windows 10. Upgrading to a new operating system could result in unforeseen upgrade or compatibility issues with ARM or other important software, which simply is not worth the risk during a critical part of the research season.
During the next months we will test installing Windows 10 on Windows 7 and 8.1 computers in our office, and update these recommendations with our findings.

ARM 2015 is now available!

The "ARM 2015" name identifies this ARM version as prepared for the 2015 field season. ARM 2015 contains all features of ARM 9.2014, plus many new features. (ARM 2015 was previously referred to by its internal "10" version number.)
  • Previous ARM 2015 orders were shipped as ARM 9.2014, and will automatically upgrade now that ARM 2015 is released. Just run Check For Updates from the Help menu in ARM to install the upgrade.
  • If you have not yet upgraded to ARM 2015, please review the information below about new features and benefits of ARM 2015. Upgrading ARM version 9 costs substantially less until February 29, 2016 than it will beginning March 1, 2016. Contact your GDM Representative to request a price list.
  • ARM Feature Comparison (pdf) gives an overview of ARM 2015 features compared to previous
    ARM versions.
  • See ARM 2015 FAQ for details on ARM 2015 questions, also support and upgrade changes.
  • See an ARM 2015 Overview (pdf) of new features, as of December 2014.
  • Use the Write to Us page to ask additional questions or request a price list.
  • GDM continues our policy that the most economical time to upgrade is always when a new version is first released.
  • For contract researchers, ARM 2015 fully supports all sponsor customizations and ARM versions, and will provide sponsors with better quality trials than previous ARM versions. Versions dated January 11, 2015 or newer are fully compatible with 2014 SCOUT_CO 2.9 version, see Contract Researchers for details.
  • ARM 9 End of Life is December 31, 2016. After February 29, 2016, ARM 9 will have limited support:
    • ARM 9 licenses can only be changed or reassigned when upgrading to the newest ARM version.
    • Installing ARM 9 on a new computer will not be supported.

Electronic Downloads to Install ARM, ST, and Sponsor Customizations

Throw away those old program install CDs! The ARM Check for Updates tool will automatically download and install the newest supported ARM and ST version that you have licensed from GDM.
  • On a new PC, add GDM software by selecting this link www.gdmdata.com/ARMupdt/ARMupdt.exe to install and start Check for Updates (choose 'Run' if asked whether to Run or Save).
    • Enter your ARM user name and password on the Login dialog.
    • Select "Install Updates" to start installing the licensed GDM software available to you.
  • If you are a contractor or cooperator, Check for Updates also installs sponsor customizations you have been approved to receive: BASF, Bayer CropScience (only in North America), Dow AgroSciences, Syngenta, or SCC Group (Sumitomo Chemical Company/Valent). See Contract Researchers for more information. Contractors may request sponsor customizations (pdf).
See ARM Install Instructions (pdf) for more information.
Contact your GDM Representative with any installation questions, or see Issues Running Check For Updates to diagnose permission problems.

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